On Wednesday, March 25, Governor Baker announced an order closing all Massachusetts public schools until May 4th as part of the state’s public health response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although all HCSS school buildings remain closed for traditional in-person education, we will continue to provide instruction and support services to all of our students online at HCSS Virtual School. Since March 17th, HCSS students have had access to online classes to pursue their education. I would like to thank all my staff for their dedication and hard work, as well as parents and guardians for their contribution and support to make it happen.

I encourage all students and parents to visit the HCSS Virtual School website at www.hamdencharter.org/virtualschool to learn the recent updates and access online classes, information, and services.

In these times it is essential to support each other and demonstrate to our children that we are working for them. We are strong together. We will continue to provide world-class education and provide a better future for our students.


Tarkan Topcuoglu