CMP(College Mentorship Program) is the mentorship program designed to create a challenging, cooperative and collaborative environment for high-achieving students. While excelling academics, it also helps students to reach their intellectual, mental, and social potential.

It is important for college-ready students to achieve specified levels of competence in English Language Arts / Literacy and Mathematics to enrolled in respected colleges without the need for remediation. CMP students will develop the foundation in the academic disciplines identified in the MassCore course of study.

CMP events will emphasize career awareness, exploration, and immersion as well as development of the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in college and beyond.

College Mentorship Program mentors guide 4-6 students in their groups. CMP is scheduled for 20 weeks including weekends and recess times in the year. Students receive yearlong curriculum advisement, coaching and guidance. They are exposed to college ready events trough through CMP event which includes but not limited to Information sessions, field trips, internships, college visits and more.

Community service and character building are essential parts of this program which will mentally and emotionally prepare the students to complete their college readiness.