Deciding what career you want to pursue is exciting. You might read about a court case in the news and want to be a trial lawyer. Then, after you watch a wildlife documentary, becoming a marine biologist might seem like a good idea. But because there are so many career paths, it can be hard to choose.

How do you decide which to choose, or even where to start?

  • Career Assessments– Learning about yourself is one of the first steps in developing career awareness.HCSS conducts Career Interest Assessments to help students reveal personal traits relating to their personality, interests, skills, and values that align with different career paths. These tools provide a helpful starting point for determining possible career directions.
  • Career Day – HCSS organizes a Career Day towards the end of the year involving representatives and professionals from different local and regional businesses and organizations who present information to students.
  • Job Shadowing– Learn firsthand about a career field and expand your view of the world through job shadowing. A job shadow is an optional activity, a one-time look at a career. Release time is granted to attend a job shadow for a morning or afternoon during school. Students have an opportunity to interview their host, observe, and tour the work environment. They better understand how the skills you are learning in school are applied in the workplace. Discover more about a career of your choice—architecture, engineering, teaching, physical therapy, and television production—to name a few. Students will be excused for the period they do job shadowing from school upon Director’s approval.
  • Internships– Are you looking for even more career exposure? Internships provide an opportunity to learn about a field through day-to-day activities, conversations with staff, and observing and helping with special projects.
  • Volunteer Referral Information – Having trouble finding a job? Summer volunteer opportunities can help make a difference in the local community, provide valuable career exposure and help build your resume.

While we cannot guarantee a job shadow, internship, or other career opportunities, every effort will be made given the availability of community resources, individual connections, and other placement opportunities.