HCSS makes the opportunity for all students to reach their highest potential. The study hall is scheduled to complement daily instruction. Students have a different period for study hall, four days each week. They improve their academic potential, using this extra time to do homework, study, and be tutored. Students benefit from the opportunity to complete their homework in school with the supervision of teachers.

Tutoring Programs(Pull out, After-School, and Saturday)

HCSS uses the school assessment system to identify the students who need extra help. The data collected from the internal school assessments and state test reports identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Study groups are created in action plan meetings with administration and core subjects, special education, and ELL teachers. Once the study groups are created, designated teachers and tutors pull students from the study hall for tutoring. Since the data is already analyzed, teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of their groups and will prepare appropriate learning materials to meet students’ individual needs.

Students get help from tutors who are their core classroom teachers or professionals hired by the school. Study hall pull-out groups and after-school and Saturday school tutoring groups allow all students to close the gap if they need help and propel their performance to the next level.

Online Tutoring

Individual attention in HCSS goes beyond tutoring.HCSS is pleased to offer expert, online tutoring for all students. Online tutoring is available for ELA, Math, and Science, and Social Studies/History classes in scheduled after-school hours. HCSS teachers provide tutoring support and feedback for students to ensure academic success.