Preparing students for the challenges of college and careers requires a dynamic learning environment that supports creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and technological skills. In an effort to move students toward these outcomes, HCSS has a 1-to-1 digital learning environment. Every student in grades 6-12 is issued a Chromebook for his/her use for the year in and out of school.

The integration of this technology will prove very beneficial to students, affording them the opportunity of a learning environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and exposure to a wide array of educational resources both during their time in school and beyond the traditional school day.

In HCSS, computer technology will become a prominent part of the classroom experience; computer usage will make learning more interactive, sharing responsibility among teachers and students. Thus, students will play a more active role in their learning, while teachers become facilitators of learning.
The extensive use of in-class technology is an example of the school’s philosophy and its alignment with the school’s mission.
HCSC believes that technology is important in today’s highly digitalized world and makes it a priority to enhance students’ technological literacy. We are determined to promote the usage of computers as an educational tool in the classroom whenever and however it is appropriate and efficient.
Teachers can use computer’s unique features to combine different media, such as sound, animation, color, picture, and interactivity, in one environment to create presentations that are visually appealing to their students and illustrate new concepts from different perspectives.