College counseling at HCSS is a highly individualized process to produce the best possible match between each uniquely talented student and the college or university that best fits that student. Creating that ideal match is a very personal, labor-intensive learning experience like much of everyday life on campus. Each student works closely with their counselor to explore the many talents and interests they have developed, set goals based on those experiences, and research and find the colleges that will help them achieve those goals.
Personal attention is the hallmark of the college search process at HCSS. College counselors have multiple opportunities to get to know students in the classroom, on the playing fields, etc., guiding them through their college search. By visiting college campuses, attending regional and national conferences, and hosting college fairs and individual college representatives at our school, HCSS’s college counselors constantly update and expand their knowledge about programs available at colleges. This personal contact also fosters close relationships with admissions officers at more than one hundred colleges and universities.
Creating a good match between student and college also requires the college counselor and student to forge a strong relationship. The college counselor knows the student’s strengths, abilities, talents, and aspirations.