Alternative Structured Learning Day Program(Blizzard Bag)

The implementation of alternative structured learning day (ASLD) program for 18-19 school year to compensate days missed for school cancellations due to inclement weather or other factors is approved by Hampden Charter School of Science board of trustees.
Alternative Structured Learning Day Plan:
  • HCSS will ensure that the ASLD program meets the standard for structured learning time and that the assignments and/or projects are substantial.
  • ASLD will be rolled out as soon as we have the first school cancellation, and we will have an alternative structured learning day for every inclement weather day.
  • HCSS will plan for five (5) ASLD in advance for the 18-19 school year. Additional ASLD will be planned if needed.
  • HCSS will utilize one-to-one Chromebook program as a backbone for the ASLD program. Since every student has access to a Chromebook in school and at home, online assignments will be utilized for those days.
  • Teachers will prepare lessons using online platforms familiar to HCSS students such as Nearpod, EdPuzzle, and Google Classroom which they can embed presentations, videos, practice questions, and even their own lecture by using screen recording software such as ScreenCastify.
  • Students will be given guidance about these assignments earlier in the year before the first alternative structured learning day. All instructions will be posted in Google Classroom course pages.
  • Teachers will be available during a set period of time during the ASLD to answer questions from students and parents.
  • Assignments will be due five school days after the alternative structured learning day. This will allow teachers to modify assignments based on the needs of students with accommodations. Teachers will also be able to utilize study hall time to help students, if necessary. The five-school-day period will also give students enough time to complete their assignments as all students have access to their Chromebooks and internet in school during study hall.
  • ASLD assignments will be included in the classwork category for grading as it is a part of the regular school year.
  • Students who fail to complete the ASLD assignments will be marked absent for that day, and receive a zero for these assignments.
  • HCSS will also inform parents about the ASLD. Parents are not expected to provide a great deal of support since the assignments for ASLD are produced to expand student learning about topics and standards which are already introduced in the classroom. Parents can encourage students to complete assignments on time, and create an environment where students can focus on their tasks.
  • HCSS will conduct a survey at the end of the 18-19 school year to evaluate the success of the ASLD program. The feedback from all stakeholders will be used to improve the program quality and to make decisions about the upcoming school year.