HCSS Science Fair


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All HCSS students must participate in the annual Science Fair.  This requirement provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop their independent inquiry skills.  Students are encouraged to select and complete projects that pique their interest.  They work on the projects at home with the objective of having parents and other family members become involved.  

Students learn how to problem solve by conducting research, gathering and analyzing data, and coming to a conclusion that leads to further investigation of the topic.  Middle school students create a display that depicts the process and results of their research.  They learn how to represent and advocate for themselves by demonstrating their projects to the HCSS Science Department faculty.  Students take pictures of themselves working on the project and include them in the displays.  They proudly use them to demonstrate their understanding of scientific method or Engineering Design Process.

High school students create websites to document and report the results of their project.  Website design both allows and requires them to learn independently the importance of being able to express their thoughts in creative ways.  Students video-record themselves working on the experiments or engineering designs and narrate with animation to expertly show what they have been able to accomplish.  High scoring projects are chosen from each grade level, and their creators are invited to compete in a showcase event that is judged by members of the scientific community, including professors from area colleges, practicing physicians, and researchers.  The

HCSS Annual Science Fair is a great opportunity for our students to engage in discourse with adults whose careers draw on skills and concepts such as those learned at HCSS and for students to see possibilities for the future.