NCAA Eligibility

Student-athletes who want to participate in Division I or II athletics during their first year of enrollment in college must register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will determine a student’s eligibility by his/her grade point average in core classes and college entrance exam scores. Students may register online at
Prospective student-athletes should be registering for courses in accordance with:
  • High-school graduation requirements;
  • Appropriate college preparatory curriculum; and
  • NCAA core-curriculum requirements.
Junior Year
  • Make sure ACT or SAT scores are reported directly to the Clearinghouse by using code 9999.
  • Registration with the Clearinghouse online at  
  • Have your transcript sent to the NCAA at the end of junior year.  To do so, turn in a blue Transcript Request Form to the CCC along with $5 and we will submit an OFFICIAL transcript to the Clearinghouse.
Post Graduation
  • Upon graduation, notify Wayzata High School to send a final copy of the transcript which shows proof of graduation.