Why Hampden Charter School of Science?

Emphasizing on Math, Science and Computers

HCSS  is preparing students for college with a focus on Math, Science and Computers. Below is what we offer for Math, Science and Computers. Technology is appropriately and regularly incorporated into instruction. It is used by all students and staff as an integrated component of school improvement and student success. Students and staff have computers with an internet connection available at all times. Many different programs are installed for the students to build their skills like Typing Master, Pixie, Ms Office 2007 and Adobe Creative Suite 4. They also receive online tutoring and tests for Math, Science, and English.

Math: HCSS Annual Math Contest, Math Counts Club, Math Projects for Chicopee Regional Science Fair, Math Tutoring, other Math Competitions.

Science: HCSS Annual Science Fair and Science Olympiad, Chicopee Regional Science Fair, MA State Science Fair and Science Olympiad.

Computers: Mandatory Computer Classes,

Safe, Small, Friendly, School Environment

Our Character Education program not only instills in our students values such as accountability, compassion, integrity, tolerance and leadership, but reaffirms our strength as a drug-free, gang-free, peer pressure-free, bully-free, truancy-free, fight-free, and crime-free campus. DSA is the model School for DST


After-school tutoring is offered on an hourly basis for those needing additional support. Tutoring programs are available for all classes, and is offered after school and on weekends.

Individual Attention

The importance and abilities of each individual student is a focal point at all times. Every student at HCSS is regarded as a unique, valued, and vital member of the school community. There are no more than 18 students per class. Teachers have more time to help each student individually. Students have more chance to ask questions and get help.


HCSS  believes that discipline is one of the keys that open the door to success. Students are always monitored by supervisor inside and outside of the school. Our dedicated  teachers also monitor hall ways in break times, spending their break for students.

Instant Online Access to Students' Info

HCSS  students and their parents have a great opportunity called HCSS  Database. Logging in HCSS Database, parents are able to check their child's performance at school online. The following list shows what parents/students can view using HCSS


  • Daily updated grades
  • Class schedule
  • Homework’s and due dates
  • Practice test results
  • Credits that their child has earned
  • Discipline issues regarding their child
  • Attendance report


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